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3 Day Cleanse

A gentle path to health, nourishment and change

Cleansing is one of the best ways to initiate change and wellness. We have created a gentle, truly nourishing cleanse that can give your body a rest and help pave the way for for healthier food and lifestyle choices.

Most people find that they can continue normal activities such as work and light exercise while on the cleanse. We will email you information on pre-cleanse and post-cleanse eating to help you get the maximum benefit during the three days.

Everything is made fresh daily, packed up in insulated bags and ready for pickup at our Pukalani production kitchen after 7:30.

How it works

Choose Your Cleanse Week

We produce cleanses 2 or 3 weeks per month and break for holidays. Our cleanse days are always Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Order Your cleanse

Order online using the form below or by calling 808-572-2186. Orders must be received by the previous Friday @ noon.

complete your registration

A link to the registration form and cleanse instructions will be emailed to you.

pick up your cleanse

Pick up your cleanse at the joy’s place LIVE! kitchen after 7:30am. Bring your insulated bags back to receive a $3 refund per bag.

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